Habanero Wonder Tonic (5oz)

Habanero Wonder Tonic (5oz)


Dr. Scoville’s Wonder Tonic is the original prescription formulated to help alleviate the ails of that wimpy dish failing to stimulate your capsaicin receptors. Side effects include panting, sweating, and accelerated intake of liquids. In severe cases, crying and/or oral leakage (drooling) has been reported. If burning lasts less than 4 seconds, apply more tonic. If burning lasts longer than 4 hours…congratulations!


A thicker hot sauce that won’t run off your food. This sauce takes a step up in spice compared to anything in the chain stores. Aromatics of garlic, onion and carrots are the flavor chorus behind plenty of habanero burn that is surprisingly versatile. This is the original hot sauce Dr. Scoville made for himself when nothing in the grocery store could cut it and he still uses it on most of his meals. To this day the recipe hasn’t changed from when it was made one quart at a time in a tiny third floor apartment.


Heat rating: 8/10

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