Four Horsemen Honey BBQ (12oz)


The sauce that started it all for Mr. Q and will open up your eyes (and your taste buds) to what BBQ sauce is capable of when corners aren’t cut, and ingredients aren’t spared. Easily our best seller, over ten years of home improvement on this recipe means you’re getting the best honey BBQ on the market thanks to real local honey that goes from the hive, to the bottle. The name Four Horsemen comes from Mr. Q’s sauce sorcery that combines notes of all four major American BBQ styles into a single bottle. Texas, Kansas City, Memphis, and Carolina all come to party in your mouth, each showing up in different ways depending on how you cook or apply this sauce. As you’ve come to expect, Mr. Q’s 14-spice dry rub revs this sauce up as well. A multipurpose BBQ sauce that can be used in all sorts of applications.

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