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Packin' Heat Hot Sauce Holster

Packin' Heat Hot Sauce Holster


Don't settle for the generic options at your favorite eatery. Introducing the Hot Sauce Holster - the perfect accessory for any hot sauce lover looking to pack some heat and flavor on the go! This cool and unique gift is made in the USA with high quality, natural leather, ensuring durability and style. The heavy duty clasp and safety strap securely hold your 5oz woozy hot sauce bottle in place, so you can take your favorite hot sauce with you wherever you go.
Choose from natural leather with black font, black leather with red font, or blue leather with gold font to match your personal style. And to make this deal even hotter, the Hot Sauce Holster includes your choice of any one of our delicious hot sauces for free! Don't miss out on the ultimate hot sauce accessory.

Leather/Font Color Combo
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