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Hear What The Pros Have To Say
About Utah's Finest Flavors

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Whether it's a cell phone video or a professional production, the Bear River Bottling Families are thankful for the time and effort it takes
to produce a sauce review video. Below are a collection of the professional sauce review channels who have shared their thoughts on BRB flavors. You'll find the full collection of all of the channels and profiles who have produced a review videos linked on our Youtube channel.
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Brian Ambs

One of the most respected and entertaining hot sauce reviewers, Brian Ambs is known for his substantive reviews of sauces of all types. BRB is honored to have earned
Brian's stamp of approval.


"Utah Hot Sauce Companies are making some delicious hot sauce"

KTB Saucy

Katie Banister has an infections style of sauce reviews that both entertains and educates. Featured on Hulu's docuseries Superhot: the spicy world of pepper people, KTB Saucy has long enjoyed BRB flavors.

Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 23-30-05 As see

"the king of sting puts me in the best mood ever, i'm in love.
Easily in my top three sauces...the flavor is out of this world"

Heat 101

The dynamic duo behind Heat 101 bring energy and style to their reviews and were one of the earliest advocates for BRB. Dark & Bella have admitted to hiding BRB sauces from each other.


"omg, i'm obsessed with this sauce, the sweet ginger thai is
up there with my top-5."

Hot Sauce Junkie Tim

A self-proclaimed junkie of spicy products with the food challenge video evidence to back the claim up, Tim's reviews of BRB products have proven his knowledge and background work are second to none. 

Screenshot (278).png

"Great, balanced sauces, the consistency is outstanding, the flavor is great.
I'm very impressed with it."

Enjoy The Burn

With over 2000 reviews under his belt, Bill Moore is one of hardest working sauce reviewers. His experienced reviews provide an excellent overview of the flavor & heat experience. The King of Sting made it on Bill's top sauces of 2020!

Screenshot_2020-02-15 Bill Moore's Hot Spicy Reviews - YouTube.png

"I've been highly impressed...some fantastic flavor profiles. 
really have something for everybody"

Tasting The Heat

Kendall Stadler is both a respected sauce creator and reviewer. Opting for more concise written reviews, Kendall has reviewed a large portion of the craft hot sauce industry and has loved BRB flavors in his reviews.


"This is a true WOW!!!  These sauces are amazing,
the flavors are bold and original"

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